Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Ruth.. SOLD

Ruth has sold and is moving to Colorado to live..thanks Kathy!

Good morning all...what a glorious day here in upstate NY. It is only 69 degrees and the sun is shining! I just finished a sweet little gal who will be listed on The Primitive Gathering website, just click on the link on the right of this page. Ruth will be listed on the 1st.

Ruth is about 10 inches tall and is dressed in my new favorite toile print in blues and salmon. I added a false hem in a coordinating fabric. She is wearing bloomers and slip made from vintage linens. She has a sweet little robins egg blue milkglass bead the bodice of her smock dress.

Be sure to stop over and check here out along with the other super artists there!

Have a beautiful day!

I also started a lay-away plan..look to the upper left for details!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet Abigale...

Good morning all..geez it has been so long since I have chatted with you! It has been so very busy this season here at the campground and we have had family visiting for the last 7 weeks, my Dad goes home on Thursday and I will miss him dearly.

I have been working on a few special orders in my spare time.LOLOLOL! This is sweet little Abigale and she is a 10 inch Izzy. She is at her new home in Australia with a sweet lady, thanks Linda! I had hoped that Linda would send her back but no such luck!LOL

I am so ready for winter and the coal stove blazing away..I know hit me with a hammer!LOL It has been so very hot here in upstate NY. I guess we are never happy with what Mother Nature throws at us.

I hope you all are enjoying you summer with family and soon I promise!