Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Eleanor Rigby...SOLD

Where has this summer gone!! I really can't wait for the 15th of October when we will finally be closed for the season and I can sew! I have been able to keep up with special order but that is about it. In a couple more weeks my sewing machine and clay will be my best friends once again..LOL!

I was looking a one of my favorite doll books and kept coming back to this little treasure, Polly Ann. She is a rag doll and dates from 1795 and now resides in the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence, Rhode Island. She was always the Grandmother to all the other dolls in the family. I just love that about her! It is interesting that her facial features are inked and drawn in the same manner as the features of carved wooden dolls of that period, including her dotted eyebrows. I just had to recreate Polly Ann.

Meet Eleanor Rigby...yes, I know..hubby named her. I really think her name suits her. Eleanor measures about 12 inches from the top of her head to the bottom of her dress. She is heavily weighted so she sits wonderfully! I also added weight to her arms. As with Polly Ann she has NO legs and is a stump doll. Her dress is made from a lovely reproduction civil war print in mustard and chestnut brown. I have distressed the fabric to add age and softness that you find with antique dolls. I also added a false hem in a coordinating fabric. Her bonnet is in a matching print and I added a bit of vintage trim to her bonnet and the bodice of her dress along with a vintage glass bead. Her slip is made from a vintage doll slip and has also been aged.

As with Polly Ann, I inked Eleanor's facial features with black India ink. I love the sweet Grandmotherly expression it gives her.

Eleanor will be on sale on the 1st of October on the Primitive Gathering website so stop over and take a look. I hope you all have had a lovely summer!

My little office manager in training!LOL!