Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Clea

This is little Clea.  She is one of two doll's I am working on for a lovely lady as a gift to her daughter Clea.  Pam has requested two dolls in the image of her Daughter.  One the younger version of the other.  This is the younger Clea.  I am in love with this little doll!  She was an absolute joy to create and I will miss her terribly, but she will have a lovely home.  I will post more pics when she is fully dressed.
Have a wonderful day!!


Julie said...

What a wonderful present!!! She has a most wonderful sweet face and i can see why she would be hard to part with.
I have missed you and your sweet ladies and i am sooooo happy your are sharing them!!!! I hope you had a most wonderful Thanks giving.

The-Artful-Attic said... are the sweetest Julie!!! Thank you so very much for the kind words.
Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Town Common Folk Art Dolls by Penni Sadlon said...

What a dreamy little girl, Kimberly! I had to zoom in to get a closer look and she is so sweet. I also like little Genova.. She is a beautiful example of your folk art style.

Happy Holidays!

Dee said...

Oh my gosh! What an adorable little girl- such a sweet sweet face. How lucky that daughter will be when she receives her gifts. What a wonderful idea. I love my Geonova Kimberly but I still have to keep looking. You are such a talented artist. Happy Holidays! Debbie

The-Artful-Attic said...

You are so sweet to say such nice thing about my creations! I just love little Clea, she was a joy to create.

The-Artful-Attic said...

Debbie...thank you so very much for your kind words! I am so happy you are enjoying little Geonova. It does not hurt to look!!
Happy Holidays to you!